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The Bills’ stadium is now known as New Era Field

You can tell something is a little off with that logo because it’s still the ’70s/’80s Universal logo, which isn’t CGI in other movies, but this globe obviously is. This is because of another studio (Industrial Light and Magic) doing this particular logo. Also, the typefaces for “Universal” and “An MCA Company” are different. This describes Katara in a nutshell. As long as she’s able to bend water, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Take that away from her, and she’s helpless. Dr. Lewis reviews Sam’s injuries with Dean. He explains that Sam is in a coma, and that he expects Sam will die. New York’s football team, the Buffalo Bills, was said to be flirting with a move to Toronto, and part of the reason was that when the original naming rights contract for the team’s stadium expired in 1998, the founding owner, Ralph Wilson, named the stadium after himself rather than enter into another sponsorship contract. After Wilson’s death in 2014, his family sold the team, and the new owner, Terry Pegula, changed course. The Bills’ stadium is now known as New Era Field..

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